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Poll: 55% of Estonians skeptical about EU's future


While 77 percent of Estonian citizens support Estonia’s membership in the EU, 55 percent believe that the union will not survive in the long run, results of a poll commissioned by the Estonian Institute of Social Research and conducted in August by Turu-uuringute AS showed.

According to Institute of Social Research analyst Art Johanson, the objective of the poll was to gauge people’s opinions about the future prospects of the EU.

“Over half, or 55 percent, of respondents replied to the question ‘In your opinion, will the EU continue to exist in the long term?’ with ‘No’ or ‘Likely not,'” explained Johanson. “Although this question was asked for the first time, and so there is no comparison point with previous studies. The results reflect people’s slight uncertainty about the future of the EU, which may be the result of Brexit or the refugee crisis and the eurozone’s economic problems.”

At the same time, Estonians’ support of their country’s membership in the EU remains high, with 77 persent of poll respondents responding that Estonia should remain in the union. The same question was posed in a January poll in which 82 percent of respondents responded positively.

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