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Foreign Minister Sven Mikser: Estonia supports Macedonia’s striving toward accession to the EU


Today, at a meeting with Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser and his counterpart discussed bilateral relations, European Union enlargement policy and the security situation. “We totally support your strivings toward accession to the EU and NATO,” said Mikser.

In discussing bilateral relations between the two countries, the ministers noted that although relations were warm, there were possibilities to make cooperation even closer. “It is certainly important to continue information technology cooperation projects and in this regard, we look forward to specific proposals from Macedonia as well,” said Minister Mikser. “We have a great deal of experience to share with you.”

On the subject of Macedonia’s accession to the EU and NATO, Minister Mikser encouraged Macedonia’s Government to continue reforms and implement key priorities, adding that cultivating good-neighbourly relations with other countries in the region was also important.

“The reliable implementation of the enlargement policy will contribute to Europe’s stability and security and to the development of democracy and rule of law,” said Mikser.

The ministers also discussed the spread of disinformation that countries with common values must fight together.