Last updated:05/18/2020 - 13:51
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Populism (Latin populus – people) is a range of political demagogic activities aimed to win support for one’s political party and to gain political power.

In Europe, the rise of populist parties has been particularly noticeable after the 2008 financial crisis and the 2015 migrant crisis. The main themes of European right-wing populists are Euroscepticism and hostility to immigration.

Euroscepticism and extremist parties who used to have just marginal support, now enjoy increasing popularity and success in elections. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is the first right-wing political party who has won seats in the Bundestag after WW II. The Five Star Movement and League achieved the support of nearly 50% of Italians in parliamentary elections. In Hungary, the Fidesz got 49% of votes in elections. Support to left-wing populists is also increasing, just to mention the Podemos party in Spain and La France Insoumise in France.

Keywords: European Union countries; European Union; eurointegration, European integration; populism; power politics; extreme right, far right, radical right; extremism; extreme left, radical left, revolutionary left; parties; radicalism; nationalism; euroscepticism


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