EU Information Sources

EU Information Sources

The EU Information Centre acts as a deposit library for EU official publications and collects EU legislative publications and major publications of EU institutions and agencies. 

We acquire scientific literature and journals on the politics, law and history of the EU. 

This page offers an overview of journals, databases, information sources and blogs on the EU. 


Foreign periodicals with the right of electronic use can be found in the catalog of e-journals of the National Library of Estonia.

Foreign periodicals on paper only:

Other European independent publications:


  • European Sources Online (ESO) – A database providing information on the European Union, its institutions, policies and countries. Includes links to online resources, publications and documents issued by EU institutions, international organizations, national governments, the Independent Think Tank.
  • EU Whoiswho – Directory of European Union contact details
  • Eurobarometer – European Commission opinion polls
  • Parlemeter - European Parliament opinion polls
  • Eurostat – European Union Statistical Office database