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European Commission Networks

EDC and EDIC contact points
A network of information centres, documentation centres in every EU country.

Enterprise Europe Network
The Network helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond.

European Consumer Centres Network – ECC-Net
The ECC-Net promotes the understanding of EU consumers’ rights and assists in resolving complaints about purchases made in another country of the network, when travelling or shopping online.

European Judical Network (EJN)
The European Judicial Network (EJN) is a network of national contact points for the facilitation of judicial co-operation in criminal matters.

The European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters (EJN-civil)
Flexible, non-bureaucratic structure, which operates in an informal way and aims to simplify and strengthen judicial cooperation between Member States to the benefit of citizens and businesses in cross-border cases.

Solutions to problems with your EU rights.

Human network of more than 850 EURES advisers that are in daily contact with jobseekers and employers across Europe.

Researchers in Motion is a unique pan-European initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services to researchers wishing to pursue their research careers in Europe or stay connected to it.

In every country (European Union and European Economic Area), a National Europass Centre coordinates all activities related to the Europass documents. It is the first point of contact for any person or organisation interested in using or learning more about Europass.

Euroguidance network
A network of centres linking together the Careers Guidance systems in Europe euroguidance promotes mobility, helping guidance counsellors and individuals to better understand the opportunities available to European citizens throughout Europe.

Eurodesk is an international nonprofit association created in 1990. As support organisation to the Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020) Eurodesk is one of the most comprehensive and most accessible source of free youth information about international learning mobility opportunities.

Enic-Naric networks
Gateway to recogition of academic and professional qualifications. Joint initiative of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

Your Europe Advice
EU advice service for the public, currently provided by the legal experts from the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) operating under contract with the European Commission. It consists of a team of lawyers who cover all EU official languages and are familiar both with EU law and national laws in all EU countries.

European Migration Network
The EMN plays a key role in providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum topics to policy makers (at EU and Member State level) and the general public.

Europe for Citizens Programm
Funding initiatives to strengthen remembrance and to enhance civic participation at EU level. The aim of this programme is to contribute to citizens’ understanding of the EU, its history and diversity. Foster European citizenship and improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level.
The European Commission has established Europe for Citizens Contact Points. These national structures are responsible for ensuring the targeted, effective dissemination, of practical information on the Programme implementation, its activities and funding opportunities.