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Estonia’s Accession to the EU

At the Copenhagen summit meeting in December 2002, Estonia along with 9 other candidate countries concluded the accession negotiations. The nations signed the Accession Treaty with the European Union in April 2003.

From the signing of the Accession Treaty until its enforcement on May 1st, 2004, Estonia enjoys EU observer status.

A referendum on Estonia’s entry into the EU was held on 14 September 2003. 66.84% of the voters supported EU accession. Turnout was 64.02%.

Chronology of EU – Estonian Relations

August 27, 1991 – EC recognised Estonian independence. Diplomatic relations were established between the EU and Estonia.
January 1992 – Estonian Ambassador was accredited to the European Commission in Brussels.
January 1, 1995 – Free Trade Agreement (signed without a transition period on July 18, 1994) between the EU and Estonia became fully operational.
June 12, 1995 – Estonia signed the Association Agreement with the EU.
November 24, 1995 – Estonia applied for EU membership.
December 13, 1997 – At the Luxembourg Summit the European Council decided to begin EU accession negotiations in April 1998 with 6 countries, Estonia among them.
February 1, 1998 – Estonia’s Europe Agreement came into force.
March 31, 1998 – Estonia-EU Accession Conference was opened (also with the 5 other candidate countries).
December 13, 2002 – Successful conclusion of the accession negotiations at the Copenhagen Summit.
April 16, 2003 – Signing of the Accession Treaty.
September 14, 2003 – Referendum in Estonia on accession to the European Union.
May 1, 2004 – Estonia (and the other 9 acceding countries) will become full-fledged members of the EU after the ratification procedure.

More information
: “Estonian´s way to the European Union“, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2009