EU superlobby : winning in Brussels

EU superlobby : winning in Brussels

In Brussels lobbying is the oil that makes the wheels go round. No institution, no member state, no political group, no special interest can push a policy through unaided. Everyone needs allies, and everyone needs to lobby. But while Brussels has many lobbyists – only Washington is said to compare − only a few operate on the level of the superlobbyist.

Step by step, and with many revealing and candid anecdotes of his own successes and failures, Brussels public affairs specialist Milos Labovic shows what is needed to raise your game to superlobbyist level. “Knowing the animals in the EU jungle”, understanding how the legislative process works and when and how to engage, building your networks strategically – these are among the keys to success. The book includes extra insights from numerous contributors as varied as Herman Van Rompuy, Frits Bolkestein, Richard Corbett, Eva Maydell, Emilio De Capitani and many others.

This book is for aspiring superlobbyists, students, journalists, academics, civil servants and anyone who wants to understand how Brussels really works. First published in Dutch in 2017, it is now available, revised and expanded, for the first time in English.

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Milos Labovic
London : John Harper Publishing
274 pages
ISBN 9781999959562