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At an international conference in Tartu, the focus is one providing people access to cultural heritage in the digital age


Today and tomorrow, European experts in the field of cultural heritage are gathering in Tartu to discuss how to establish a balance between heritage conservation and keeping pace with digital developments. The international conference dedicated to the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union provides Estonia with the opportunity to direct attention to the challenges faced by cultural institutions in the digital era.

According to the Estonian Minister for Culture, Indrek Saar, the key question is how to involve the public when digital technologies have changed the ways that cultural content is consumed, created and accessed. “Technology must be used in the interests of heritage and people. Cultural content must be accessible, usable, and reusable, because the public plays an important role in the utilisation and creation of cultural content,” said Saar.

The main speaker at the conference is Professor Pier Luigi Sacco of IULM University in Milan, who opens the conference with a presentation intriguingly called Cultural Heritage 3.0. During the two-day conference more than a dozen speakers will speak, focusing on the following four fundamental issues in their presentations and workshops:

  • What the role of culture and heritage is in building stronger communities and a more cohesive society
  • How to put the public at the centre of the activities of cultural institutions and develop the ability of cultural institutions to involve the public
  • How to connect cultural heritage to social innovation and economic development
  • How European Union copyright reform will impact access to cultural content

In addition to the presentations and discussions, practical workshops will take place, where participants can share their experiences and propose solutions to the challenges faced by memory institutions today.

The conference starting in Tartu today is part of the activities in the cultural field during the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

It is possible to view live streaming of the conference on the Presidency website.