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In 1992 the National Library of Estonia was appointed the depositary library of the EU. As the demand for EU information was increasing rapidly, the European Union Information Centre (EUIC) was established in September 1998.

In April 2009 EU Information Centre became part of the European Documentation Centres (EDCs) network of European Commission, which was launched in 1963. In 2005 the EDCs became part of European Direct  information network.

In 2014 structural change was carried out by which EU Information Centre stopped working as a separate department. Due to this, the EU working group was formed as a part of the National Library’s Parliamentary Information Centre and the readers are served unitedly in the Social Sciences Reading Room.

The objective of the EUIC is to provide the public of Estonia, Riigikogu (the Parliament) and other constitutional institutions and bodies with relevant information about the EU.

In November 1999, EUIC opened free of charge EU Information Phone 800 3330 with the aim of improving public awareness of EU-related issues in Estonia.

Information requests can be sent by email We respond to enquires on EU issues immediately or at least within 2 working days.

We rely in compiling the answers on the following sources of information:
•  the resources of  EU Information Centre at the National Library of Estonia
•  the assistance of specialists in ministries and state agencies supporting this
information service
•  the assistance of  local EU information consultants throughout Estonia.

Free information materials are forwarded by post on request.


The EUIC collection contains over 9000 titles of books and 100 titles of serials. The collection includes:

• Official publications of the European Union
– Official Journal L- and C-series (since 1952)
– documents of EP, COM, ESC and other institutions
– case law
– statistics.

• Reference books, encyclopaedias, handbooks, monographs, research papers and periodicals on EU matters.
• Publications and periodicals on EU matters.